The best news of this week is that we found out yesterday that all test results for Eli came back negative! Thank you everyone for all the prayers and well wishes, they were much appreciated. I have come to realize since weaning him that yikes he is very hungry all the time. He eats non-stop. I have a feeling at his weight check next month he’ll have put on some weight. We’re all relieved even though we knew he was perfect no matter what. See? Perfect! healthyeli.jpg

The week was so crazy, I’m going to do another post this weekend to ramble about about what’s going on here but for now, on with some links from around the blogosphere that I really enjoyed this week.

Have you ever clicked the BeThisWay link in my blogroll? You should. I love how inspiring her frugality is and she’s just so real. Not trying to be anyone but her. So here’s my favorite read from her this week Sunday Drive but please be sure to read, like, everything there because she shares great deals everyday and has some fun stuff to share.

Brip Blap shared Job Jumper Tip #5: Take a Break. Too often in this fast paced world we forget to slow down and relax and spend time with family. No better time than between jobs to take a little reprieve from it all to plug back in to what matters. I like to think of it this way – whether between jobs or actually using up that vacation time, use it – because in the end, do you want to be remembered as the person who never took time off or do you want to look back and remember those awesome memories from the times you did?

Living the Good Life as a Custodian was probably my favorite read in my reader this week. A real look at what makes a good life, I really enjoyed seeing this post.

Sissy over at Painting Love in the Perfect Light gave a tour of her kitchen. I want to see a closeup of that furniture as an island. I want to do that in my kitchen! She also writes some neat stuff so be sure to poke around her site when you’re there.

Over at The Inspired Room, she issued a Disconnect Challenge. I’m going to get right on that after I publish this and check my email and let my daughter play Dora online 😉 Seriously, I need to do this one or two days in the near future.

At Antishay Ventenne she’s been doing a Simplicity Challenge and it’s been fun watching her progress since she started. Check it out!

Lynnae over at BeingFrugal wrote about What Are You Paying For?. I am definitely middle of the road on this. I do spend more on certain things that work well for me and are higher quality but I daresay no one needs a $10,000 pair of jeans.

Supermom Exposed at Life Nurturing Education is an excellent read. Supermom may not exist and we’re all human, but on the flip side, I know most of us moms are way too hard on ourselves and should see that what we do is super and others who see us think so – especially those perfect little kiddos we’re raising.

Stop The Ride’s adventure in not being frugal made me want Girl Scout cookies!

Enjoy your reading and enjoy your weekend everyone!!!