The kids and I spent most of the weekend at my parents’ house which is close enough for us to visit but not so close I want to strangle them. My parents just completed an addition on their home which included a new bedroom for my two cute kids. My mom went all out making it adorable and fabulous for them. Their favorite part, I think, is the super cozy area rug. It’s white and fluffy and sooooo soft I could curl up there and sleep on it all day if ever given the opportunity.


She went with a cottage beach theme. White twin beds with beaded board and matching bedside table and armoire. Seashell quilts with stripes to complement in the valances and bedskirts. Grandma provides bedskirts. My kids are so deprived of such joys here at home. And I love the seahorse nightlight above the armoire.


Oh egads, I cut the seahorse’s head off in the photo. (Why is it that words like egads seem so natural when typing but I’d never ever say that word outloud?) I am a horrific photographer. I was so busy trying to make sure I captured the child toy chaos in the corner I guess.

So there you have it. Their new room at Gigi and PopPop’s house. Mr. Eli approves!