thankyou.jpgI haven’t been at this blogging thing for very long – about 3 months actually. I am really enjoying it, although still admittedly figuring lots of stuff out. I honestly thought when I started this that a handful of friends and a few others might follow along. I never really was sure it would go anywhere or last longer than a week or two of rambling before I ran out of stuff to say. I underestimated my love to talk. It has been really a wonderful outlet for me to work through a lot of the emotions and thoughts that I have swirling in this brain of mine about the life I want to live.

I ask myself everyday why I blog. Not in a bad way, but to remind myself what I am doing it for. I love the outlet, but I could always just sit in my cozy chair in the living room and write in my journal if that is all it was about. I blog because it holds me accountable, it keeps me thinking about what my purpose is in life and continuing to work toward the things that are important to me without losing sight of the day to day stuff I might not otherwise stop and notice. It keeps me focused on my personal and financial goals.

It’s also a social outlet for me. I have so enjoyed getting to know the various commentators here and other bloggers. I am humbled when anyone links to me or even comments here. I still can’t really believe anyone but a few friends and my hubby even read this thing. So for those of you reading, I appreciate it. It keeps me going knowing you’re all keeping track of me. I feel excited to keep up the quest for my lovely, simple, and frugal life along with all of you.

So, thank you. That’s all šŸ™‚