In response to a post I made here last week, Jennifer said, “Every time I think about more “stuff”, I just think about my house catching on fire and what I’d want to take. Besides my kids and husband–not a lot. May not be the happiest mindset, but it’s saved us thousands :)!”

I nodded along and have been thinking of that line since. I’ve even started to do a mental inventory of what I’d grab. And seriously, I have come up with nothing. Not even photos. I know, I know…photos are full of memories and smiling faces. I wouldn’t risk my life for them, but maybe I’d grab them on my way out, I don’t know. That frame of mind has helped me rid our home of even MORE stuff this week. I’ve made two trips to Goodwill this week with my station wagon full of boxes and bags of clothes that are worn out or outgrown, kitchen stuff that doesn’t get used, toys that take up too much space and get used not enough.

There is nothing in my home other than my family that I would mourn the loss of in the event my home was demolished. Every single thing is replaceable or memorable in that I can always just think back with fond thoughts and not need the tangible item to be happy.

Say I did have to start ALL over, from nothing to building my life and possessions back up. Chances are I wouldn’t replace anywhere near all the stuff I have now. My life is minimal. We don’t have a whole lot as it is, but if I had to start over, I am certain we’d obtain even less because so much of what we have is simply kept because we have it and not because we necessarily continue to need it or use it.

There is a balance to all things in life and I am okay with having things that are “luxuries” or having more of something than I *need*. I don’t think we need to live in squalor but we don’t live in excess either. I still am struggling to find the right balance for us. Thinking of an event like a fire or other natural disaster, I don’t see myself grabbing anything but my kids and never looking back. I wouldn’t be one of those people standing amidst the rubble of my home shedding tears over lost material goods. That image helps me fill the boxes and get rid of things more easily.