Just going to cut to the chase today. Some reads I really enjoyed this week are as follows:

Spotting and Seizing Opportunities at Father Sez has made me take a long hard look at the idea squashing I do to the entrepreneurial spirit within hubby. We’re of different styles, hubby and I, and I need to try to loosen up and let the guy go after some of his ideas.

5 Simple Ways I Save Money was a guest post at Gather Little By Little that I enjoyed reading. It’s always nice to see others who DIY and fix their own cars!

You Thought WHAT Was a Good Idea at Paid Twice caught my eye for good reason. Lots of people may think we’re crazy or stupid for our fixer upper but at least we don’t use credit cards OR go into debt in any other form for ours!

The Road to Debt Reduction is Filled With Stoplights at Mrs Micah. Even I, a debt-free girl, appreciated this post. It can relate to any journey we’re on in life, really.

Spring is Coming: DIY Countertop Greenhouse at The Minus Sign Blues. I really enjoy reading Ed’s blog. This post was very informative especially since I am gearing up to start me a veggie garden.

Teaching My Kids About Money Part 1 at This Wasn’t In The Plan. I think about this subject A LOT. It’s a day to day moment to moment ongoing lesson. I think the most valuable way to teach kids is by example. But how to teach a 3 year old that checks and debit cards aren’t endless sources of money is hard.

In a Minute from Hug Twice. Speaking of teaching our kids stuff, this post cracked me up!

Enjoy your reading! Happy Weekend, everyone!