I’m sick. I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose and it has turned into a full blown cold by this morning. I am not a miserable sick person but I’m also not the most pleasant person to be around either. Since my head is foggy and I can barely remember to feed my kids, I am not really up for an in depth post today. I’ll hopefully get to my weekly roundup sometime this weekend, but that’s not a guarantee either since my brother and sister-in-law are in town so I’d like to be visiting with them as soon as I am feeling better.

I thought today I would show you where I’m hanging out as a sickie person. My favorite chair. deemed by all who visit – The Cozy Chair. It’s big. It’s colorful. It’s fabulous.


It was bought to go with our couch. Can you spot the baby?


It’s the go-to chair for a nap


Or for tickling


Or just to sit and read a magazine. Or watch TV. We all fight over it. Eli loves to climb on it and look out the french doors and yell at the dogs. It’s very versatile.

And that’s where I will be curled up with a cup of tea and book while the kids wreak havoc throughout the rest of my house this weekend, eating candy and making disastrous messes.