I’m still not feeling great but I think I’m coherent enough to put together a little roundup from the blogosphere this week and share some stuff I really enjoyed.

Before I get on with the blogs I read this week and articles I enjoyed, I have to tell you about this free E-Book. I participated in a group writing project Money Matters for All Ages and all the articles have been compiled into a free E-Book. Since I am not all that savvy with download pages and such please go download it at Being Frugal’s Download Page.

Mrs Micah had a big week! She started up The Finwikian and I was included. It’s really quite amazing. You need to check it out! And she became part of the M-Network. Congrats Mrs. Micah on the exciting week! While I am singing her praises, I also enjoyed her post (Not) Smart Shopping: Settling for Adequate. At the end she asks “do you like shopping for clothes and such?” ha. Yes, I do 🙂

I discovered through a few comments left here, a new blog called Finding Simplicity. If you read my blog, which duh, you are right now – you know why I’d like this blog 🙂 Her post Bargains Be Warned is an excellent read about thrifting and finding deals and falling into the trap of buying stuff you don’t need just because it’s inexpensive. I actually have been planning a post about my obsession with thrifting and how I handle that very issue.

Speaking of stuff, Antishay Ventenne has this little series going on about clutter. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 and then check back with her soon for Part 3 of 3! Good stuff. She’s smart 🙂

I liked this post from brip blap on 31 causes of failure: #2, Lack of a well-defined purpose in life. I wrote on the topic of purpose in life just this week so this caught my eye and is an excellent read.

Over at Gather Little by Little, I loved the article 1 Marshmallow or 2? A Study on the Benefits of Delayed Gratification. I was a 1 marshmallow kid and am now a 2 marshmallow adult. Whew!

Prime Time Money encourages us to Go Cash Only For a Week. I’m a cash girl and I like it!

Here’s an excellent article from over at Young and Frugal about The Curse of a Jack-of-All-Trades. I had to check and make sure my hubby didn’t go starting a blog it sounded so much like him 😉 It is true that it’s a blessing and a curse when you are super handy.

Alright, that is it! Enjoy your weekend. I’m scheduling this to submit and then finally going to do a disconnect challenge and not be online for a few days, so I’ll be back to blogging next week!