I am a time waster. Not terribly so, but I am not at all organized with how I spend my time during the days. We don’t really have a routine, things change day to day, and I would like to get better at organizing my time throughout the day. I get caught up in things and don’t realize how much time I have let slip by.

I have had to get my finances in order by being frugal with my money and putting thought into what I spend that money on. I need to use those same principles in getting my day more organized in terms of what I spend my time doing and how long I allow myself to do each thing. There are mornings that I wake up and sit down at the computer to drink my coffee and read my email and blogs in my Google Reader and don’t get up for an hour. Awful. I need to budget my time better and spread those little relaxing breaks out over the day rather than all at once. I think I’ll get more done if I go in spurts. 30 minutes cleaning the kitchen followed by 10 minutes at the computer reading email and blogs. 30 more minutes on laundry and then play time with the kids, etc…

I have such a short attention span. I get very jumpy and don’t do well applying myself to a task for a very long period of time. I am easily distracted. I’ll go to the fridge to get a snack and end up scrubbing the fridge out, taking out the garbage and swiffering the kitchen floor and never get a snack. Which is all well and good since my house ends up in presentable shape most days, I don’t starve to death and most of what needs doing gets done.

I think it’s the disorganization of my time and lack of schedule that leaves me feeling scattered and stressed. Of course I am scattered. I have no routine. Just like in my home, everything has it’s place and when things are organized I can feel more mellow, I need to apply that principle to my time. Every minute has it’s purpose and I have to organize that much better.

I am going to start with using my timer and laying out a routine for each day. I don’t know how well it will work. I am not a rigid person and I need to set up something that will work for my distractable self. I am hoping a few easy to implement ideas here will help me feel more energized, motivated, productive, and organized.

I’m open to ideas and suggestions for helping me reach this goal.