Well, TGIF, everyone!

It was a quiet week for me, which was much needed. Aside from visiting with my family for the day on Monday and a quick trip out to see a few showings at houses and go out to dinner one night, I have not left the house. No playgroup. No errands. Just hung out here getting things back in order and getting myself more organized after a crazy last week of being sick. It was actually quite nice. The weather was nice enough that we got a lot of time to play in the yard to relieve any redrums.

This week in the blogosphere, I found some really touching, interesting, and useful stuff so here we go with the roundup!

First, I participated in theCarnival of Money Stories which was hosted at Quest for Four Pillars. Thank you for hosting and great job on the carnival!! From that carnival, I enjoyed reading Millionaire Money Habits’ financial epiphany and Chief Family Officer’s story of buying a fur hat. Banana Republic can be sneaky getting us to buy things we don’t need or won’t wear.

Other posts I found and really enjoyed from my reader are

5 things not to buy for your kids from Mommy Gets Paid. It’s really a great list and I am proud to not have bought one item on that list. We spent a long time last year considering a swingset but I am glad we decided trips to the playground were sufficient and to save the money for the future instead.

I love this post from SAHMmy about How to Stay Married – a Decision and a Choice. Such wise words and ones I am proud to live by.

You have GOT to watch this video that I found through The Creative Spirit. I cried.

Ron at The Wisdom Journal shared 10 Mistakes I Made As A First Time Homebuyer which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. LOOK how cute that house is. Still, lots of mistakes for us to learn from – and I’m especially interested now that we’re back in the market to buy. Must. Not. Buy. The First. Cute. House. I. See.

My Two Dollars shared 10 Ways to Reduce Clutter and Get Organized. Love this website. Now go read it and do everything he says! NOW!

I love this how-to from Being Frugal on Building a Square Foot Garden. Great stuff. I can’t wait to do this!

Okay, I’ll end my roundup now so that y’all don’t see how full my Google Reader really is. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!!