1. Regret – let go of the past and move on to a better tomorrow
  2. The friend(s) who make you feel worse about yourself instead of better
  3. Your skinny clothes – you know, the ones that you haven’t fit into in 6 years and you can’t bend your knees in them even after you’ve been sick for a week?
  4. insecurities – embrace who you are and flaunt your amazing qualities
  5. Anger – don’t be the bitter person that everyone’s afraid of pissing off. Let it go already.
  6. Clutter – you knew this would be on my list didn’t you 🙂
  7. Too many commitments – learn to say no and make your time your own
  8. Unhealthy food – sure maybe it tastes good but when you really analyze how you feel after greasy food, you’ll realize how much it is draining you and not helping you to be the focused, productive, energetic person you can be.
  9. Control – stop trying to steer everything and everyone around you. You’ll immediately feel less stressed and less frustrated when you give up the struggle for controlling things that are uncontrollable
  10. Debt – okay maybe you can’t eliminate it all today but make the decision to do it today and don’t look back.