Happy Spring, everyone! In honor of the start of this lovely season, Angela at Cottage Magpie is hosting a little collaboration of posts on green from around the house, just like she did back at Valentine’s Day with the color pink. It was fun then and I found some green around here so I am going to participate again. Her post on Color: Green is so fabulous. I love all of her thrifted finds and the ability she has to make her stuff beautiful and inspiring. So check it out!

Here is my green from around here. First: a post on green would not be complete without sharing my green-ish couch 🙂

And there’s my thrifted $2 green shelf that I just put up on the beachy wall I shared a couple of weeks ago

At my entryway, there is a bowl that we use to throw our keys and cell phones and hubby’s wallet in. It was a wedding gift and is bright and cheery

A couple other random green things around the house are the plant in the corner of my living room

My cute little lemon tree

One day this week, my lovely daughter went to do errands with her daddy and they brought me home a pretty pink flower. The little decorating diva that she is, she staged my coffeetable with it and a couple other finds around the house and it was just too cute not to photograph. So here is that as well

So there is some green from around my home! If you want to participate all you have to do is a post of your own and link to Angela and then tell her your link and she’ll be rounding up all the posts together next week!

Happy spring!