I have decided to make a slight shift in my weekly roundup from Friday to Sunday from now on. Hope nobody minds! 🙂

There were some really fantastic reads from my reader this week that I have been itching to share with y’all. So, here goes…

Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live at The Good Human. This post is such a great reminder for why to live simply and to think about how our lives really can affect others if we make the right choices. Made me proud to be living a relatively simple life.

Debt as the American Way at Paid Twice. A scary look at the mindset of so many Americans today. Debt. Everyone’s doing it! Jump aboard! No thank you.

Alison at This Wasn’t in the Plan shared some excellent advice on Researching a Purchase. Very good information to keep in mind for those big purchases.

Frugal Dad shares a funny story about a frugal plumbing repair in DIY Plumbing Repair: Now I Know Why Plumbers are so Well Paid. Poor Harold must’ve been scared! Check out the riveting story now!

Along the very same lines, Lynnae at Being Frugal shared her Frugal Drain Fix. Which reminds me that Kyle@Rather Be Shopping is hosting a giveaway that I still need to participate in. Because we need more power tools around here 🙂 Check it out and join in if you have a story to share! Drill Contest.

I love this post Personal Debts are the WORST at Mommy Gets Paid. Good food for thought. It’s nice to see debt makes others twitchy too!

Check out the free coffee giveaway at Rocket Finance Here. Just don’t win. I want it.

Over at Debt Smack I love this post about Create Your Own Vacation Home. This is a really great mindset to have for simplifying your home and everyday life so that you can relax and enjoy more. I just absolutely LOVE this!

Wide Open Wallet shared a Random Act of Kindness. So wonderful. I love being reminded that there are still thoughtful people out there who obviously appreciate the world and people around them enough to pay it forward.

Happy Easter to all. Hope the bunny brought you lots of jelly beans! 🙂