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Happy Spring, everyone! In honor of the start of this lovely season, Angela at Cottage Magpie is hosting a little collaboration of posts on green from around the house, just like she did back at Valentine’s Day with the color pink. It was fun then and I found some green around here so I am going to participate again. Her post on Color: Green is so fabulous. I love all of her thrifted finds and the ability she has to make her stuff beautiful and inspiring. So check it out!

Here is my green from around here. First: a post on green would not be complete without sharing my green-ish couch 🙂

And there’s my thrifted $2 green shelf that I just put up on the beachy wall I shared a couple of weeks ago

At my entryway, there is a bowl that we use to throw our keys and cell phones and hubby’s wallet in. It was a wedding gift and is bright and cheery

A couple other random green things around the house are the plant in the corner of my living room

My cute little lemon tree

One day this week, my lovely daughter went to do errands with her daddy and they brought me home a pretty pink flower. The little decorating diva that she is, she staged my coffeetable with it and a couple other finds around the house and it was just too cute not to photograph. So here is that as well

So there is some green from around my home! If you want to participate all you have to do is a post of your own and link to Angela and then tell her your link and she’ll be rounding up all the posts together next week!

Happy spring!


This time in my house though. I wasn’t feeling well for a few days last week. The fact that I couldn’t do much made my house a total dump come Sunday afternoon. Although I was still not feeling totally stellar, I couldn’t take it any longer. I cleaned up, moved around some furniture and decided to spruce up a wall in our dining area.

I bought a green shelf at goodwill a couple weeks ago for $2. We’d been to the beach earlier in the week where I collected seashells to put in a glass bowl from the dollar store. And I had a sea shell themed thingy that I got at a yard sale a few months ago during a final sale day “everything you can fit in this bag for $5”. I had hubby hang the shelf. He was so nice about it. I only had to glare, mumble, grumble and proclaim I’d do it myself before he finally jumped in to protect his beloved walls.

Since we’d been to the beach a few days earlier, I had fresh off my camera a bunch of family pics at the beach and decided that since it was beachy with the seashells theme I should print some of the photos and put them on the wall too. Off I went to CVS to print photos. Their buy 2 get 1 free special on printing 8x10s was over the week before. But some genius there didn’t take the sticker down off the printer. I printed 6 8x10s and some 4x6s and 5x7s and expected to pay about $20 for the who shebang. I got to checkout and was charged $57!!! Well, I made them give me the buy 2 get 1 free since the sticker was right there and all. And then we discovered that not only had I gotten charged for all of them, but I’d been charged $3 more per 8×10 than I should have. We got it all sorted out and I walked away a happy woman with my photos for the price they should’ve been. You know what is sad though? Not so long ago, I’d have just paid the $57 and assumed I was stupid and did something wrong. I was assertive and asked why the heck it costed so much and saved myself a bunch of cash. While it was all going on, my kids only terrorized the store a little bit.

Off we went to Marshalls for photo frames. I only needed a few since we had a handful at home already. Drew proceeded to terrorize Marshalls as well while I chose the frames.

Got home and did some more mumbling and grumbling to get the photos hung after I arranged them so nicely in their respective frames. And now I have a cute little personalized beachy wall in our dining area. So much better than before where we just had one big photograph of El Capitan in Yosemite. I mean, it’s really cool and all but a bit boring. You can see that in the sidebar to the left.

And now here is what I did to spiffy up our dining area. dining.jpg




Please try your hardest to ignore that there is stuff on my floor that I didn’t pick up before photographing. I am human afterall and have 2 small children who love to fling things around. And the dresser-as-buffet doesn’t have that stuff on it at the moment. I don’t even really bother to spend time arranging and decorating stuff in places the kids can reach because it never lasts. Right now there are a few bowls and golf balls up there. Every buffet needs golf balls!!

I’m sick. I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose and it has turned into a full blown cold by this morning. I am not a miserable sick person but I’m also not the most pleasant person to be around either. Since my head is foggy and I can barely remember to feed my kids, I am not really up for an in depth post today. I’ll hopefully get to my weekly roundup sometime this weekend, but that’s not a guarantee either since my brother and sister-in-law are in town so I’d like to be visiting with them as soon as I am feeling better.

I thought today I would show you where I’m hanging out as a sickie person. My favorite chair. deemed by all who visit – The Cozy Chair. It’s big. It’s colorful. It’s fabulous.


It was bought to go with our couch. Can you spot the baby?


It’s the go-to chair for a nap


Or for tickling


Or just to sit and read a magazine. Or watch TV. We all fight over it. Eli loves to climb on it and look out the french doors and yell at the dogs. It’s very versatile.

And that’s where I will be curled up with a cup of tea and book while the kids wreak havoc throughout the rest of my house this weekend, eating candy and making disastrous messes.

The kids and I spent most of the weekend at my parents’ house which is close enough for us to visit but not so close I want to strangle them. My parents just completed an addition on their home which included a new bedroom for my two cute kids. My mom went all out making it adorable and fabulous for them. Their favorite part, I think, is the super cozy area rug. It’s white and fluffy and sooooo soft I could curl up there and sleep on it all day if ever given the opportunity.


She went with a cottage beach theme. White twin beds with beaded board and matching bedside table and armoire. Seashell quilts with stripes to complement in the valances and bedskirts. Grandma provides bedskirts. My kids are so deprived of such joys here at home. And I love the seahorse nightlight above the armoire.


Oh egads, I cut the seahorse’s head off in the photo. (Why is it that words like egads seem so natural when typing but I’d never ever say that word outloud?) I am a horrific photographer. I was so busy trying to make sure I captured the child toy chaos in the corner I guess.

So there you have it. Their new room at Gigi and PopPop’s house. Mr. Eli approves!


table21.jpgI am all about getting rid of stuff that I don’t need. But I am all for getting things that I do need. And I have needed a coffee table for a while – since we moved. Our old coffee table has been passed on to my parents and currently resides in a storage unit near where they’re having a new cottage built. I come by my love of home building and remodeling honestly. Wanna see it? It’s pretty cool. They tore down the old one that I grew up visiting every weekend and the new one should be done in a couple of months. And my old coffee table will live there! 🙂


So for a while, I haven’t had one. I used a steamer trunk for a while but got tired of that and sold it. And kept waiting for the right thing to come along. Hubby did some work for his boss on his laptop – hubby’s expertise is in computers but he works in golf course maintenance – that’s another post all on it’s own. And instead of paying him, his boss gave him the coffee table and end table that he was going to get rid of anyway. And since they’re Pottery Barn, well, I didn’t argue. 🙂table3.jpg

They arrived on Saturday and I had fun playing with everything around the room. Drew helped. The fun thing about 3 year olds is that they say stuff like “There is a drawer in this coffee table. You can put your clothes in here so you don’t have to go *all* the way to your bedroom if you want to change”. As if, first, our house is so big I wouldn’t dream of walking all that way, and second, I’d ever just change in the living room on a whim.

table.jpgShe helped me arrange some flowers and such and we had a good old time making the room cozy, adding some *gasp* faux flowers (the horror!) and some new throw pillow covers


My mom just returned from a vacation in France and got me 2 pillow covers. She knows me so well. I had talked to her about wanting to make some of my own but she knows I’m lazy and not all that crafty and it would take me forever to actually do it. So she gave me these as a gift when she got back. They’re straight from Nice. Nice, huh? I love them (well, it…if we’re talking the singular as in I only took a picture of one of them because Drew is on the couch using the other one at the moment so it wasn’t ready for it’s close-up). ANd I hope that my friend Lisa recognizes the flowers in the background. Those 4 wood flowers have graced my home for 3 years now – across the country and in 2 homes and many places throughout, they’re my daily reminder of a fabulous friend and her love. pillow.jpg