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I just got back from Walmart. I never shop there but hubby does ocassionally for certain things and today he asked me if I would go and get those certain things for him so he could work on the house. I am a loving wife and I obliged.

The place makes my skin crawl. From the layout to the feel of it. It’s chaotic and makes my brain hurt. I wanted to gouge my eyes out the moment I walked in and I swear it had nothing to do with both of my kids in the cart screaming for something or other.

I couldn’t have been happier the moment I walked out the door. And no, not because I saved a bundle of money, which I did, but because it was like stepping back into my own universe.

I’m not sure what it is about MallWart (what Drew has funnily named it) that makes me cringe, but whatever it is, I am going to listen to my brain screaming for me to run far far away next time. No amount of money saved is worth the experience that makes me want to shoot myself in the head.  A girl has her limits.


I went to Barnes and Noble tonight for a little escape from the house and kids. I picked myself up a magazine to bring home and peruse later tonight while having a glass of wine to relax. I went to the checkout line and there were a bunch of tables lining the checkout area. Some books for Mother’s Day coming up and a table of 50% Kids Easter books. I saw the big red 50% off sign so I thought I’d pick up a couple for the kids. Usually the same books back in the kid section are $3-4 so I figured I could get one for each kid for that since they were half off. I flipped one over and I guess because they were specialized for Easter, they were all originally priced $7-8. So I might as well have just gotten non-Easter books for that price. I passed.

Hidden under a couple of the kid books was a book that someone obviously decided against buying at the last minute and stashed there. It was Frugal Living For Dummies. There were claims on the front of the book that it would teach you to live simply and frugally. Ha. How about start by not paying $17 for a book to teach you to be frugal? I was glad to see that it didn’t actually make it to the checkout counter and get purchased. How silly.

I just read this today in a magazine and had to share because it’s something I never knew and I figure that means at least one other person out there might not know this either.

Although I am sure that all you peeps out there who get a newspaper already recycle it, you can also use your newspaper in place of paper towel to wash your windows! Newsprint gives a fabulous and streak-free finish!

We aren’t a newspaper or paper towel household (we are just so cheap, huh?) but this tip just seemed too handy not to share 🙂

I haven’t thought about Freecycle for a while now since we haven’t had the need to use it but we’re gearing up to use it once again in the next few weeks as we start the renovations on the last 350 sf of our home. As we remodeled the other areas of our house throughout last year, we used Freecycle to get rid of what was salvageable from the old house so that it didn’t have to go into the landfill. The added bonus was that everything that someone else took off of our hands, we saved the gas money 20 miles to the dump and back and the $30 dump fee per load and saved big time when we rented dumpsters by being able to keep a lot of the bigger stuff from going in and adding to our cost. We’ll be doing it again this time, so that things like the siding on the house and the old tub/shower (someone will want an avocado green tub/shower, right?) don’t have to go to the dump when someone else can use them.

Freecycle is great for recycling anything you are thinking of getting rid of, from home materials to freebie samples you get in the mail but won’t use. If you go to The Freecycle Homepage you can find one in your area (hopefully!) and sign up for their mailing list. You’ll receive emails when someone is getting rid of something and it may just be something you need so you won’t have to spend the money on it. It’s a lovely nifty little thing.

Try it out and happy Freecycling!!

That’s me. An underbuyer. Here is my convoluted link to what this means. Mrs. Micah guest posted on PaidTwice about the topic a while back and I have had it on my brain since.

I underbuy. It is probably the largest factor of my spending that keeps me from being as frugal as possible. I know it extends from my desire not to accumulate stuff. I am a living in the moment, here and now kinda girl. If I could grocery shop everyday for the stuff I needed just for that day, I probably would. But that would be silly. I have two kids and a hubby who like food in the fridge and stuff on our pantry shelves.

When I go shopping for something, I want the least expensive one on the shelf. I don’t care if the bigger bulk item is cheaper per oz. I don’t stock up on groceries, I don’t stock up on shoes, clothes, anything for that matter when I find a deal and know I’ll use said item. Even when I go diaper shopping. Diapers is just one of those things that when you have a kid and choose to use disposables, it is necessary to buy diapers and really, it’s not like I have to worry about not needing the 88 in the case, right? But still. I go and I want the pack that costs $9.99. Not the huge case for $21. I am weird, I know.

I *have* to get out of the mindset that frugal means spending less. I have to get used to going with the deal even if I can’t see far enough into the future for when that 12th pack of diaper wipes will get used.

Hubby on the other hand is an overbuyer. He buys stuff on sale and stocks stocks stocks up. I suppose we balance each other out.

I am this way because when I spend even a few dollars I always have an idea in my head of spending less now so I have more for later. I know it doesn’t always make sense, but I’d rather have more money in the bank today than a cupboard full of canned goods. I find myself much more willing to spend more on bigger purchases. I like finding deals, sure. But I also would rather pay for quality items that are a bit more expensive when a need arises.  By scrimping on the everyday stuff, in my head I feel like I am saving money, even  though I may not be. Especially when it comes to everyday necessities.

So there you have how my brain works when it comes to spending money. I always want to have more in the bank today just in case something comes up rather than stocking up on stuff I can’t or won’t be using right away. I am sure it’s all a part of my living in the moment, cheery, happy go lucky personality. But I am working on it. Because when I really think about it, I know it saves money to stock up when something is on sale and I know that it makes sense to buy things that we regularly need in bulk.

Sometimes the underbuyer in me wins though and I am not as frugal as I should be.