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I am a time waster. Not terribly so, but I am not at all organized with how I spend my time during the days. We don’t really have a routine, things change day to day, and I would like to get better at organizing my time throughout the day. I get caught up in things and don’t realize how much time I have let slip by.

I have had to get my finances in order by being frugal with my money and putting thought into what I spend that money on. I need to use those same principles in getting my day more organized in terms of what I spend my time doing and how long I allow myself to do each thing. There are mornings that I wake up and sit down at the computer to drink my coffee and read my email and blogs in my Google Reader and don’t get up for an hour. Awful. I need to budget my time better and spread those little relaxing breaks out over the day rather than all at once. I think I’ll get more done if I go in spurts. 30 minutes cleaning the kitchen followed by 10 minutes at the computer reading email and blogs. 30 more minutes on laundry and then play time with the kids, etc…

I have such a short attention span. I get very jumpy and don’t do well applying myself to a task for a very long period of time. I am easily distracted. I’ll go to the fridge to get a snack and end up scrubbing the fridge out, taking out the garbage and swiffering the kitchen floor and never get a snack. Which is all well and good since my house ends up in presentable shape most days, I don’t starve to death and most of what needs doing gets done.

I think it’s the disorganization of my time and lack of schedule that leaves me feeling scattered and stressed. Of course I am scattered. I have no routine. Just like in my home, everything has it’s place and when things are organized I can feel more mellow, I need to apply that principle to my time. Every minute has it’s purpose and I have to organize that much better.

I am going to start with using my timer and laying out a routine for each day. I don’t know how well it will work. I am not a rigid person and I need to set up something that will work for my distractable self. I am hoping a few easy to implement ideas here will help me feel more energized, motivated, productive, and organized.

I’m open to ideas and suggestions for helping me reach this goal.


I got thinking a lot about consumer ethics today. As I said earlier today, I had to go to the grocery store. We needed dog food and milk and while I was there I got a few other things that we’d run out of. I got rung up and walked out of the store, loaded everything into the car and drove home. When I got home and was unloading the dog food, I realized that I didn’t remember the cashier ringing it up. And sure enough I checked my receipt and I wasn’t charged for it.

That led me to think of last week when I pulled up to Subway and hubby ran in and got a sub and came out and as we’re driving away he said something like “that’s weird that I got my sub for $3 and change, it’s usually $5 and change.”

Two other scenarios from the past year came to mind about the same idea – consumer ethics.

Hubby was at Home Depot last year when we were in the midst of the hugest most elaborate part of our remodel. He was buying all of the flooring for the kitchen/dining room/living room in the house. See all that lovely terracotta tile in the pictures in the left sidebar? Yeah – that’s what I’m talking about. He got to the checkout and the girl rang up ONE box of tile. Instead of the many many boxes of tile he had on his cart. So the total she gave him was $300 less than it should have been.

And yet another instance. Bug and I go to Target a lot together and we just wander the aisles. One day, we went and bought a few things and then left. As I was getting her into the car (she had been walking) I realized she had a book in her hand. That I hadn’t paid for.

So there you have it. The handful of consumer ethical dilemmas that my family has faced in the past year. Not all resulted in the same go pay your due outcome. What would YOU have done in each one? I’ll be happy to share the outcomes later.

I keep forgetting that Paid Twice tagged me and asked last week how my 2008 financial resolution is coming along. I am happy to report that it’s been reached and exceeded! 🙂

I wonder if that means I need to make a new goal now or if I should just get cozy…


Heather from CoolZebras!!! I’ll be emailing you for your address.

Thank you to everyone for participating! It was really fun. I loved reading all of your comments – especially the ones that complimented me (oh I know, can you believe how full of myself I am?) but alas the random number generator didn’t take those compliments into consideration. I hope y’all had fun swinging by my site and I hope to see y’all back here again!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and good luck in the rest of the giveaways!

I got tagged by Mrs. Micah in her Friday Evening Book Meme Fun. I am supposed to grab the nearest book and look to page 123 and the 5th sentence and then type the next 3 sentences. Oh my. The first book I grabbed was

    The Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms

and I quickly dropped it to the floor and grabbed the next one within reach (I’m nursing a baby – I have limited movement) and came up with

    I Know This Much is True

by Wally Lamb – my absolute favorite book EVER.

And here I am on page 123.

No Expression at all. That deadpan of hers was probably the reason she’d been such a good shoplifter. “You hear me?” “What?”

Really, it’s a good book even though well, those lines do it zero justice.

I’ll tag

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