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I went to Barnes and Noble tonight for a little escape from the house and kids. I picked myself up a magazine to bring home and peruse later tonight while having a glass of wine to relax. I went to the checkout line and there were a bunch of tables lining the checkout area. Some books for Mother’s Day coming up and a table of 50% Kids Easter books. I saw the big red 50% off sign so I thought I’d pick up a couple for the kids. Usually the same books back in the kid section are $3-4 so I figured I could get one for each kid for that since they were half off. I flipped one over and I guess because they were specialized for Easter, they were all originally priced $7-8. So I might as well have just gotten non-Easter books for that price. I passed.

Hidden under a couple of the kid books was a book that someone obviously decided against buying at the last minute and stashed there. It was Frugal Living For Dummies. There were claims on the front of the book that it would teach you to live simply and frugally. Ha. How about start by not paying $17 for a book to teach you to be frugal? I was glad to see that it didn’t actually make it to the checkout counter and get purchased. How silly.


When I am feeling in a funk, like I just don’t want to do anything, I’m sad or overwhelmed, I find I need to do something quick to snap out of it. There are lots of things that I have found are quick easy ways to get myself out of a bad mood and settle right back into feeling happy and comfortable again, without spending a dime and often in 15 minutes or less.

Declutter – whether it’s a room, my whole house, or my car – a quick scramble through the house putting everything where it belongs, or just clearing off my desk or cleaning out my car can return me to a mellow place

Go for a walk – gather up the kids, dogs, whoever and get outside for some fresh air. It’ll do you some good and probably the kids and dogs too!

Rearrange a room – Add some freshness to your space by moving some things around – even just a new placement for a chair or table can make a room feel fresh and new and improve your spirits too.

Call a friend – there’s nothing like a good laugh or cry if necessary to pull me out of a funk. Sometimes just connecting with someone in that way can make me feel less isolated and back in great spirits

Decorate with flowers – preferrably you don’t have to climb your fence and cut them out of your neighbor’s garden to do this. Even if you do have to spend a dollar or two on clearance flowers at your supermarket – knock yourself out. Fresh flowers on your table are a sure way to brighten a dreary day.

Take a bath – even if just a 10-15 minute getaway at the end of the day, it’s a fabulous way to unwind, especially if paired with candles and a glass of wine.

Read a book or magazine – even if it’s one I’ve already read, the little escape flipping through the pages of a magazine mindlessly or diving into a favorite book is a sure way to release tension and leave me feeling ready to plug back in to the world.

What do you do to unwind and get out of a funk when you’re in one? I’d love to hear other ideas!