I was reading Like Merchant Ships the other day and Meredith linked to The Nesting Place and The Nester’s fabulous post about Window Mistreatment. After laughing my butt off at the same time as I was duly impressed at the outcome, I was inspired. While I am actually in the process of making real life valances to put on rods in an attempt to do something crafty and grown up and beautify my bedroom, I decided to put this process to work in my kitchen.

I headed off to the thrift store and bought a tablecloth to use for $2. It’s not stunning. But it does have the three main colors of my kitchen – orange, yellow and navy. And it’s not totally puktastic so I bought it. I then pulled up the website and began following the tutorial. Wait. no. I drove home first. Then I pulled up the website and started following the tutorial. I was foolish enough to think that simply because my tablecloth turned valance was the exact length of the double window above my sink 100_6930.jpg that I would somehow manage to still make it all pretty and puffy.

So, I kicked off my shoes and climbed over the dishes in my sink, held the fabric up, pulled out an upholstery tack, hollered for my 3 year old to grab the hammer (we’re remodeling she knows where it lives), and proceeded to attach my lovely fabric to the wall. Well, like I said before, my fabric was the exact length of the windows so it looked more like, well – tablecloth tacked to my wall forming a window header- thingy.

Oh and by the way – if you have 8 ft. ceilings and are standing on a 36″ countertop and you are 5’11”, you’ll end up swearing in pain after a while from being hunched over and having zero control over your body. So when you try this at home – shrink first!

I climbed down off the counter dejected. Actually I left the lovely tablecloth header up for a few minutes until 3 year old came along and told me it was ugly. Then I was dejected. Then I climbed back up and took it down.

By this time, both kids are hungry. So I stop to feed them mac n cheese – lunch of champions – and while they’re eating I wander around my house deciding where I *can* put this tablecloth turned valance up. And I decide on another single window in the kitchen. See in this picture100_6925.jpg, between my tall china cabinet and the kitchen cabinet, there is that really ugly heater? The window behind that is the one I decided on. Hubby put trim around that window this past weekend so it was ready for some clothing.
So while the kids are smearing mac n cheese on their faces, I stand there and get started. The good news is this time that my ceilings are low and I am tall so I didn’t even have to get out a chair or ottoman or step ladder. So if you are going to try this one at home – grow first!

I started tacking the fabric up and I only hurt my left thumb once with the hammer. Am I supposed to be able to put those tacks in without a hammer? I need to start working out.

It’s not perfect – that’s the idea, I suppose. And I am not all that great at following online tutorials. But I like it. I think it’s cute. And I didn’t have to sew or buy a drapery rod. So yay me!

What do you think?