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I have decided to make a slight shift in my weekly roundup from Friday to Sunday from now on. Hope nobody minds! 🙂

There were some really fantastic reads from my reader this week that I have been itching to share with y’all. So, here goes…

Live Simply So That Others May Simply Live at The Good Human. This post is such a great reminder for why to live simply and to think about how our lives really can affect others if we make the right choices. Made me proud to be living a relatively simple life.

Debt as the American Way at Paid Twice. A scary look at the mindset of so many Americans today. Debt. Everyone’s doing it! Jump aboard! No thank you.

Alison at This Wasn’t in the Plan shared some excellent advice on Researching a Purchase. Very good information to keep in mind for those big purchases.

Frugal Dad shares a funny story about a frugal plumbing repair in DIY Plumbing Repair: Now I Know Why Plumbers are so Well Paid. Poor Harold must’ve been scared! Check out the riveting story now!

Along the very same lines, Lynnae at Being Frugal shared her Frugal Drain Fix. Which reminds me that Kyle@Rather Be Shopping is hosting a giveaway that I still need to participate in. Because we need more power tools around here 🙂 Check it out and join in if you have a story to share! Drill Contest.

I love this post Personal Debts are the WORST at Mommy Gets Paid. Good food for thought. It’s nice to see debt makes others twitchy too!

Check out the free coffee giveaway at Rocket Finance Here. Just don’t win. I want it.

Over at Debt Smack I love this post about Create Your Own Vacation Home. This is a really great mindset to have for simplifying your home and everyday life so that you can relax and enjoy more. I just absolutely LOVE this!

Wide Open Wallet shared a Random Act of Kindness. So wonderful. I love being reminded that there are still thoughtful people out there who obviously appreciate the world and people around them enough to pay it forward.

Happy Easter to all. Hope the bunny brought you lots of jelly beans! 🙂


Well, TGIF, everyone!

It was a quiet week for me, which was much needed. Aside from visiting with my family for the day on Monday and a quick trip out to see a few showings at houses and go out to dinner one night, I have not left the house. No playgroup. No errands. Just hung out here getting things back in order and getting myself more organized after a crazy last week of being sick. It was actually quite nice. The weather was nice enough that we got a lot of time to play in the yard to relieve any redrums.

This week in the blogosphere, I found some really touching, interesting, and useful stuff so here we go with the roundup!

First, I participated in theCarnival of Money Stories which was hosted at Quest for Four Pillars. Thank you for hosting and great job on the carnival!! From that carnival, I enjoyed reading Millionaire Money Habits’ financial epiphany and Chief Family Officer’s story of buying a fur hat. Banana Republic can be sneaky getting us to buy things we don’t need or won’t wear.

Other posts I found and really enjoyed from my reader are

5 things not to buy for your kids from Mommy Gets Paid. It’s really a great list and I am proud to not have bought one item on that list. We spent a long time last year considering a swingset but I am glad we decided trips to the playground were sufficient and to save the money for the future instead.

I love this post from SAHMmy about How to Stay Married – a Decision and a Choice. Such wise words and ones I am proud to live by.

You have GOT to watch this video that I found through The Creative Spirit. I cried.

Ron at The Wisdom Journal shared 10 Mistakes I Made As A First Time Homebuyer which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. LOOK how cute that house is. Still, lots of mistakes for us to learn from – and I’m especially interested now that we’re back in the market to buy. Must. Not. Buy. The First. Cute. House. I. See.

My Two Dollars shared 10 Ways to Reduce Clutter and Get Organized. Love this website. Now go read it and do everything he says! NOW!

I love this how-to from Being Frugal on Building a Square Foot Garden. Great stuff. I can’t wait to do this!

Okay, I’ll end my roundup now so that y’all don’t see how full my Google Reader really is. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!!

I’m still not feeling great but I think I’m coherent enough to put together a little roundup from the blogosphere this week and share some stuff I really enjoyed.

Before I get on with the blogs I read this week and articles I enjoyed, I have to tell you about this free E-Book. I participated in a group writing project Money Matters for All Ages and all the articles have been compiled into a free E-Book. Since I am not all that savvy with download pages and such please go download it at Being Frugal’s Download Page.

Mrs Micah had a big week! She started up The Finwikian and I was included. It’s really quite amazing. You need to check it out! And she became part of the M-Network. Congrats Mrs. Micah on the exciting week! While I am singing her praises, I also enjoyed her post (Not) Smart Shopping: Settling for Adequate. At the end she asks “do you like shopping for clothes and such?” ha. Yes, I do 🙂

I discovered through a few comments left here, a new blog called Finding Simplicity. If you read my blog, which duh, you are right now – you know why I’d like this blog 🙂 Her post Bargains Be Warned is an excellent read about thrifting and finding deals and falling into the trap of buying stuff you don’t need just because it’s inexpensive. I actually have been planning a post about my obsession with thrifting and how I handle that very issue.

Speaking of stuff, Antishay Ventenne has this little series going on about clutter. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 and then check back with her soon for Part 3 of 3! Good stuff. She’s smart 🙂

I liked this post from brip blap on 31 causes of failure: #2, Lack of a well-defined purpose in life. I wrote on the topic of purpose in life just this week so this caught my eye and is an excellent read.

Over at Gather Little by Little, I loved the article 1 Marshmallow or 2? A Study on the Benefits of Delayed Gratification. I was a 1 marshmallow kid and am now a 2 marshmallow adult. Whew!

Prime Time Money encourages us to Go Cash Only For a Week. I’m a cash girl and I like it!

Here’s an excellent article from over at Young and Frugal about The Curse of a Jack-of-All-Trades. I had to check and make sure my hubby didn’t go starting a blog it sounded so much like him 😉 It is true that it’s a blessing and a curse when you are super handy.

Alright, that is it! Enjoy your weekend. I’m scheduling this to submit and then finally going to do a disconnect challenge and not be online for a few days, so I’ll be back to blogging next week!

Just going to cut to the chase today. Some reads I really enjoyed this week are as follows:

Spotting and Seizing Opportunities at Father Sez has made me take a long hard look at the idea squashing I do to the entrepreneurial spirit within hubby. We’re of different styles, hubby and I, and I need to try to loosen up and let the guy go after some of his ideas.

5 Simple Ways I Save Money was a guest post at Gather Little By Little that I enjoyed reading. It’s always nice to see others who DIY and fix their own cars!

You Thought WHAT Was a Good Idea at Paid Twice caught my eye for good reason. Lots of people may think we’re crazy or stupid for our fixer upper but at least we don’t use credit cards OR go into debt in any other form for ours!

The Road to Debt Reduction is Filled With Stoplights at Mrs Micah. Even I, a debt-free girl, appreciated this post. It can relate to any journey we’re on in life, really.

Spring is Coming: DIY Countertop Greenhouse at The Minus Sign Blues. I really enjoy reading Ed’s blog. This post was very informative especially since I am gearing up to start me a veggie garden.

Teaching My Kids About Money Part 1 at This Wasn’t In The Plan. I think about this subject A LOT. It’s a day to day moment to moment ongoing lesson. I think the most valuable way to teach kids is by example. But how to teach a 3 year old that checks and debit cards aren’t endless sources of money is hard.

In a Minute from Hug Twice. Speaking of teaching our kids stuff, this post cracked me up!

Enjoy your reading! Happy Weekend, everyone!

The best news of this week is that we found out yesterday that all test results for Eli came back negative! Thank you everyone for all the prayers and well wishes, they were much appreciated. I have come to realize since weaning him that yikes he is very hungry all the time. He eats non-stop. I have a feeling at his weight check next month he’ll have put on some weight. We’re all relieved even though we knew he was perfect no matter what. See? Perfect! healthyeli.jpg

The week was so crazy, I’m going to do another post this weekend to ramble about about what’s going on here but for now, on with some links from around the blogosphere that I really enjoyed this week.

Have you ever clicked the BeThisWay link in my blogroll? You should. I love how inspiring her frugality is and she’s just so real. Not trying to be anyone but her. So here’s my favorite read from her this week Sunday Drive but please be sure to read, like, everything there because she shares great deals everyday and has some fun stuff to share.

Brip Blap shared Job Jumper Tip #5: Take a Break. Too often in this fast paced world we forget to slow down and relax and spend time with family. No better time than between jobs to take a little reprieve from it all to plug back in to what matters. I like to think of it this way – whether between jobs or actually using up that vacation time, use it – because in the end, do you want to be remembered as the person who never took time off or do you want to look back and remember those awesome memories from the times you did?

Living the Good Life as a Custodian was probably my favorite read in my reader this week. A real look at what makes a good life, I really enjoyed seeing this post.

Sissy over at Painting Love in the Perfect Light gave a tour of her kitchen. I want to see a closeup of that furniture as an island. I want to do that in my kitchen! She also writes some neat stuff so be sure to poke around her site when you’re there.

Over at The Inspired Room, she issued a Disconnect Challenge. I’m going to get right on that after I publish this and check my email and let my daughter play Dora online 😉 Seriously, I need to do this one or two days in the near future.

At Antishay Ventenne she’s been doing a Simplicity Challenge and it’s been fun watching her progress since she started. Check it out!

Lynnae over at BeingFrugal wrote about What Are You Paying For?. I am definitely middle of the road on this. I do spend more on certain things that work well for me and are higher quality but I daresay no one needs a $10,000 pair of jeans.

Supermom Exposed at Life Nurturing Education is an excellent read. Supermom may not exist and we’re all human, but on the flip side, I know most of us moms are way too hard on ourselves and should see that what we do is super and others who see us think so – especially those perfect little kiddos we’re raising.

Stop The Ride’s adventure in not being frugal made me want Girl Scout cookies!

Enjoy your reading and enjoy your weekend everyone!!!